The gay photo-story comic book where spandex superheroes clash in battle and pro wrestling masked men face defeat!

Every weekly update contains all-new superhero and wrestling original material, never been seen before in previous updates or other sites.




Future Update online early! - 5th June 2013

The update due to be posted on 18th June will be posted a few days earlier on 13th June.

Revised way stories are listed - 4th December 2013

To make it easier from week to week to find the latest update, we have changed the way the stories are listed. The top one will be the latest one updated each week, making it easier to navigate.

New link added - 4th December 2013

A new site has been added to our link section - The Novel "How to Kill a Superhero"

Next Update online Super-Early! - 27th August 2013

Next Week's update scheduled for 4th September we will be posting super-early, later this week.
We can't wait for you to see it....The Return of Flex!

Bricklayer1001 Models - 14th August 2013

We have just added to our links section the website of two hot Brit guys into horny sportkit and exhibitionism - . They have just done some hot modeling as superheroes for out site. As they won't appear on the site for a month or so, why not check out their own site via the links page.

Update Online Early - 19th June 2013

Next Week's update scheduled for 26th June, will be online earlier on Monday 24th June.

Now 7 Movie Viewer Screens - 12th June 2013

Now even more video action has been added, with SEVEN viewable screens of superhero
and wrestling action.

Festive 5 Movie Viewer Screens - 24th November 2012

We are please to anounce the expansion of our movie viewer from the original two screens now to five. Now there is now need to miss any of the action starting this December!

Links section open - 18th April 2012

We have just opened our links section that is connected with various contacts that have work in conjunction with us. This will be update regularly.

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